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07 September 2011 @ 09:27 pm
ϟ [FANFIC: glee] Pezberry - Next Time Won't You (Sing With Me)  
Title: Next Time Won’t You (Sing With Me)
Author: whisper_lillies for gleeverse; Sectional 8 Challenge 4: Big Bang
Word Count: 3179
Characters/Pairings: Rachel, Santana; Pezberry
Rating: Porn. No really. This whole thing is Rachel, Santana, and sex. Just sayin’
Summary: Upon asking Santana to teach her some “tricks” to win Finn over, she instead gets a lesson in sexuality. No spoilers.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Glee, I don’t own these characters. I do however own the content of this fic
PLEASE READ EXTRA NOTE! This is a fic that features Rachel as a submissive and Santana as a dom. If you are not into this, or not into basically reading porn, DO NOT READ THIS FIC. This is your second warning. If lesbian sex is strange or gross to you DO NOT READ THIS FIC. It will not hurt my feelings if you don’t read it. I mean come on, it’s like 3000+ words anyway. TL;DR for sure. But just to be safe, it’s in its own entry. So if you do not want to see it, don’t click the fic link. Got it? Okay? Okay. :)
“Santana, do you think I could talk to you for a minute?”


Santana Lopez didn’t even glance up. She shut her locker door with a
bang and started down the hallway, hugging her books into her chest. 


“Santana! Wait! I need to ask you a question!”


She rolled her eyes, but paused, irritated now. In the delay, Rachel
Berry caught up to her, and placed a small hand on the Latina’s


“Hey, Santan-“


“WHAT?” she asked, spinning abruptly. Rachel took and involuntary step
back. The look on her face was uncertain, but she took a deep breath and


“I was wondering if I might have a moment with you,” she asked, her eyes darting around the crowed hallway. “Alone,” she added.


Santana’s brow creased.


“About what?” she inquired roughly.


Rachel wrung her hands.


“I’d really rather not say in such a public area.”


Noting the look on the older girls face, she moved closer.


“It’s just… I need help with… it’s about Finn,” she whispered.


“Oh this has GOT to be interesting,” Santana said, clearly amused. She
grabbed Rachel’s arm and pulled her into the girls’ bathroom down the
hall, letting the heavy door swing shut behind them.


“What about Finn?” she asked.


“Wait!” Rachel cried, tilting her head towards the stalls. She looked
under each one, clearly trying to ascertain they were alone. Once she’d
made sure, she nodded once, pleased, and turned back to Santana. “It’s
just… I was kind of hoping you could help me with him.”


“Help you how exactly?”


Rachel stalled.


“Well,” she began a note of certainty in her voice. “As you know, while
Finn and I might not be together right now, our relationship is both
inevitable and unstoppable. Our love is so strong that nothing can keep
us apart.” She paused, diverting her eyes to the linoleum, clearly
struggling to find the words she wanted to use. “Obviously when a man
and a woman are deeply in love, certain… copulations take place. I was just hoping… that is, wondering, if you might be able to give me some pointers. Because, you know you’re so… worldly, and I’m-“


“Hold up,” Santana interrupted, holding out her palm. “Are you saying
you want me to give you sex tips so you can try to win over Finn because
you think I’m a ho?”


“No!” Rachel stammered, eyes jumping to Santana’s face. Her cheeks were
pink with embarrassment and a twinge of fear. “No, not at all, I just
meant that-“


“Whatever,” she interrupted again, shrugging a shoulder. “I am talented.”


She tilted her head slightly and looked Rachel up and down, taking in
everything from her argyle knee-socks, to her fuzzy owl sweater, to her
perfectly coordinated headband. Rachel somehow had that prep-school and grandma thing going on.


“But still,” Santana thought, “There might be some potential here…”


“Listen up man-hands,” she said bluntly. “If we’re doing this, we’re
doing it my way. My terms, my conditions. You have to do exactly what I
say, no matter what. Agreed?”


And that was how Santana found herself giving Rachel her address and a
list of instructions, planning to meet in her bedroom that afternoon.




“Your room is lovely,” Rachel said, looking around at the dark walls. “It’s very… artistic.”


“Shut up, Berry,” Santana said with a roll of her eyes. She looked over
at the girl. “I’m glad to see you’ve followed my instructions so far.”


Upon request, well command really, Rachel had changed into a
“less kindergarten” outfit, which included a simple white button up
shirt and her one pair of high heeled shoes. The button up was a
sweater, but still, Santana thought, it was an improvement. She’d lost
the headband, instead opting for slight curls, and forgone the knee
socks. Her pleated skirt, however, had stayed.


“You’re looking much better,” Santana appraised. “Now let’s get started, shall we?”


Santana reached under her bed and pulled out a duffle bag. It was
identical to the one she carried her Cheerios equipment in, except for
the color. This one was black. She placed it onto her desk chair and
gestured for Rachel to sit on her bed. She smoothed her skirt and


“So this is how it’s going to go,” she told the brunette. “We’re going
to go through the alphabet. You are going to tell me the name of a fruit
or vegetable that starts with the letter I give you.”


“A fruit or vegetable?” Rachel interrupted. “What does that have to do with anything?”


“It’s a GAME,” Santana responded. “If you get it right, I’ll give you
something from my bag of tricks here. If you’re wrong, you get


Rachel blanched.




“Yes, Berry, punished. Now don’t look so freaked out. Brittany and I
play this game all the time, and she’s in total working order.” She
smirked. “There are only two rules. Rule number one, you must accept
whatever punishment I give you. Rule number two, I can change or add
rules at any time.”


“That doesn’t seem very fair,” Rachel protested. “Besides that, wouldn’t
being able to change the rules in fact imply that there are many more
then just two rules?”


Santana put a hand on her hip, frustrated.


“Are you ready to do this or are you going to be an annoyingly prude forever?”


Rachel paused.


“You promise this will help me win Finn over?”


“Yeah, sure, whatever you say,” Santana told her, waving her hand dismissively. “Now, first letter. A.”


“That’s an easy one,” Rachel said confidently, tossing her hair over one shoulder. “A is for apple.”


“Very good.”


Santana reached into her duffle bag and pulled out a shiny red Gala. She handed it to the other girl.


“I hope you like those, ‘cause you’re going to need that.”


Rachel stared at the red fruit quizzically and then looked back up to
Santana. She opened her mouth but before she could ask anything, she was
cut off.


“B,” Santana stated.




She formed it more like a question then an answer, but Santana nodded
and reached into her bag again. She pulled out a thick yellow banana and
crossed to the bed.


“Lay down,” she commanded, sitting down next to Rachel.


Rachel shot her a quizzical look, but obliged.


“Good girl, Berry,” Santana told her. “So far you’re doing great. No punishments yet. But I’m adding a new rule. No questions.”


Rachel shot back up.


“What kind of game is this EXACTLY?” she demanded.


Santana tsked.


“What did I JUST say? No questions. That’s offense number one. Time for a punishment. And you were doing so well.”


“But I-“


“Shut up.”


She leaned over Rachel, pushing her back down onto the bed and hovering above her, effectively locking her in.


“Now,” she started, placing a finger possessively on Rachel’s cheek. “What should I do with you…?”


Santana tapped her way down Rachel’s face to her collarbone, watching
the other girls brown eyes follow her path with a look of curiosity and
anxiety. She traced the outline of Rachel’s shirt, thanking God the girl
did own something with buttons. It was going to make her job so much
easier. As her fingers worked towards the first pearl fasten, she looked
back up into Rachel’s eyes, which were now about as wide as they could


“What are you doing?” Rachel asked softly.


Santana sighed, snapping one of her hands up to grab both of Rachel’s
wrists. She pinned them above the girl’s head and then brought her lips
down to her ear.


“I told you,” she said coolly. “No. Questions.”


She snaked her other arm back down, keeping Rachel in place while
expertly undoing the other buttons on Rachel’s sweater until her bra was


“Well color me surprised. Rachel Berry wears lace. Who’d have thought it?”


“Santana…” Rachel started nervously. Santana could feel the brunette’s
heartbeat racing; she could practically see it through her skin.


Santana ignored her, sliding one of the cups to the side to expose Rachel’s nipple. She started twitching.


“Stop squirming, Berry. I told you, this is punishment. Don’t MAKE me tie you up.”


Rachel stopped moving. Santana could see blatant fear in her eyes.


“For God’s sake,” she snapped. “Stop looking like I’m about to murder you. I’m not about to do anything nearly so ghastly.”


Santana brought her lips down to Rachel’s collarbone and half sucking,
half kissing the length of it. She could feel Rachel’s pulse now,
pounding erratically. Her breathing was coming heavier as well, though
from uncertainty, fear, or apprehension Santana wasn’t sure. Possibly
all three. She continued down Rachel’s chest- suck-kiss, suck-kiss-
until she got her lips to the spot right about her nipple. It was
already hard, waiting. She darted her tongue out, barely touching it.
Rachel gasped. Smiling slightly, Santana rolled the tip of her tongue
slowly around the nipple, enjoying the anticipation in the air. She
continued until she heard Rachel take in a breath, about to ask say
something, before she flicked her tongue across it and pulled it into
her mouth. Rachel’s breath died in her throat as Santana sucked, using
her teeth slightly. After counting to 60, she pulled away.


“Look at that,” Santana chided. “You survived. Did quite well, in fact. So here’s a gimme. Letter C.”


Rachel glanced up, clearly dazed, seeming surprised and confused, like the Latina was suddenly speaking in a foreign language.


“C,” Santana continued, “Is for condom.”


“That’s not a fruit of vegetable,” Rachel supplied.


“True. But if you’re going to get your joys with his boys, you need to wrap it up. Unless you want to end up like Quinn.”


She released the smaller girl, who immediately sprung to life, covering
herself back up and re-buttoning her sweater. Crossing back to her bag,
Santana pulled out a condom and tossed it to Rachel.


“Put that on the banana,” she instructed. “I’m sure you know how to do it. Consider this  practice.”


“I’m not really sure what all of… THIS has to do with me getting
Finn to want to be with me,” Rachel said in a haughty tone, removing the
condom and placing it on the yellow fruit, touching it as little as she
could while actually performing the task.


Santana sat back down on the bed, folding her arms in front of herself commandingly.


“Sounds like someone wants another punishment,” she stated.


“What? Why?” Rachel cried, whipping her head around. “I didn’t ask any questions!”


“Actually you just did,” Santana told her, taking the banana from her hands. “Lay back down.”


Rachel’s face went white.


“I don’t understand,” she stalled. “You’re telling me you’re helping me
for Finn but you’re acting… I mean you and Brittany might play this
so-called game but I’m not… I’m not a…”


“Not a what, Berry?”


Rachel’s eyes darted wildly.


“I’m not a lesbian, Santana,” she whispered, not meeting the girls eyes.


Santana faltered for a split second, but recovered quickly.


“So? Neither is Brittany,” she supplied, being sure not to say anything
about her own sexuality. “Now lay back down or I swear I WILL get out the ropes.”


Rachel stared back, unsure. They looked intensely at each other for a
minute, until Santana made a move as though to get up and make good on
her threat. Rachel let out a small squeak and lay down, crossing her
hands tightly on her stomach. Santana picked up the apple that had
fallen to the side of her bed, brushed it off on her shirt, and pressed
it into Rachel’s hand.


“New rule,” she added. “During this portion of punishment, you are not to make any noise.”


She watched Rachel’s throat as she swallowed heavily. She opened her mouth but Santana swiftly cut her off.


“Starting now.”


She snapped it closed again and furrowed her brow. Santana could see her
jaw muscles working. Satisfied that she wasn’t going to say anything-
for now at least- she positioned herself at Rachel’s waist. She placed
her hand on her knee, acknowledging the flinch by glaring at the other
girl. Santana slowly trailed her hands up her thigh until she reached
the hemline of her skirt, which wasn’t far.


“You really ought to invest in some shorter skirts,” she admonished,
twisting her fingers underneath the fabric. “They make things a lot


She felt Rachel’s breathing slow to a stop as her fingers got closer and closer to her most personal of body parts.


“Breathe,” she commanded.


Rachel drew in air sharply, and then in a quick gasp as Santana placed
her fingers on the outside of her panties. The Latina grinned, pleased
to feel they were already slightly damp. She ran her fingers softly up
and down the length of Rachel, swirling softly at the top, but paused
when Rachel let out a whimper.


“Mind the rules,” she scolded. “But remember letter A.”


With that, she pushed Rachel’s panties to the side and pressed a finger inside her so quickly Rachel couldn’t help but cry out.


“Letter A!” Santana growled, using her spare hand to pick up the one of
Rachel’s that still clutched the apple and pushed it into the girls
mouth, where it rested atop her lips.


Getting back to her task, Santana once again ran her finger up and down,
this time inside. She felt Rachel’s trembling all the way to her toes
and smiled to herself. This wasn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon.


She did this a few more times until she thought the anticipation was
built enough, and swiftly brought the banana to rest just next to her
occupied hand. At the same time, she placed the very tip of it right
outside Rachel’s opening and slid out her finger. At the sudden change,
Rachel’s breath came in and out quickly. Santana started to press the
banana inside.


“Wait-“ Rachel started to say, but Santana cut her off by pressing the apple into her mouth once more.


Rachel’s muffled protest quickly died as Santana pressed slightly
faster, enjoying the fact that it slid easily. She started sliding it in
and out rhythmically, having to bite her tongue to keep from laughing
when Rachel chomped down hard on the apple, squeezing her eyes shut. She
went a little deeper each time until she was almost all the way inside
of her, and sped up. Rachel’s legs twitched and her eyes seemed to be
rolling crazily behind her lids. She continued her rhythm until she felt
the brunette start to move with her, helping her along, and then she
stopped abruptly, pulling the banana out.


“Letter D,” she demanded.


Rachel’s eyes flickered open and she reached up to move the apple away from her mouth. It had deep teeth marks all over it.


“D…?” she responded weakly. “D is for… for…”


“D is for… dildo,” Santana supplied.


“But that’s not a fruit or vegetable,” Rachel responded stupidly.


“I am aware,” she said, pulling her chair toward her with her foot and
reaching into her duffel once more. “But at this point, Berry, I don’t
think it matters much.”


She pulled out the toy and Rachel’s eyes went wide, as if suddenly realizing what was going on.


“That thing is HUGE!” she said franticly, “I can’t have that! It won’t fit!”


Santana laughed openly.


“Not really worried about that,” she chortled. “Stop panicking. It’s not
going to hurt you. Besides, it’s doubtful Finn is even CLOSE to this
size. If you can handle it – and you WILL handle it- you won’t have any
problems with your man.” She paused, letting the Finn angle sink in and
giving the other girl a moment to recover.


“Oh and Berry? I’m changing the rules again. You can make as much noise as you want.”


Without waiting for a response, she plunged the flesh-colored plastic
into the recently vacated opening and laughed again as Rachel let out a
noise that was a half shriek, half moan, falling back hard against the
mattress. She drove the dildo much quicker then she had done with the
fruit, and Rachel’s hips bucked wildly in response. Her breaths were
ragged gasps punctuated by cries and Santana couldn’t help but egg her


“What is it, Berry?” she hissed lightly. “Go on, say what you want to say.”


“Santana…” the girl gasped. “I can’t… I’ve never…”


In response Santana brought the thumb of her other hand down onto
Rachel’s clit and spun it with expertise. Rachel moaned so loudly
Santana thought she could feel it in her bones.


“Santana!” Rachel shouted. “Santana I need… I need…”


The Latina stopped her thrusting, pulling almost all the way out, and lightened her touch. Rachel’s eyes popped open.


“No…” she practically wailed. “No, don’t. Santana…”


“Look me in the eyes,” she instructed calmly, “And beg me for it.”


“Santana…” Rachel protested.


“If you want it, you’ll beg.”


Rachel stared at her for a moment, and Santana took the opportunity to
slide the banana in and out as slow as she possibly could, as if to show
the girl how much she truly wanted it.


Please,” Rachel cried finally. “Santana please.”


Satisfied, Santana pushed deep inside Rachel again, pressing her thumb down at the same time.


“Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease,” Rachel was yelling. “OhmyGod Santana please I need it OhmyGod Santanaaaaaaaaaa---“


Her words turned into a long cry and Santana saw every muscle in
Rachel’s body tense and hold. She rode the wave with her, continuing to
twist and press until all at once her muscles relaxed and Rachel let out
her breath in a large huff. She pulled the dildo out slowly and
released her grip, watching as the younger girls chest heaved. She
reached into her duffle bag and pulled out a box of baby wipes.


“Clean yourself up,” she commanded, though not unkindly. “I’m going to need to put these sheets in the wash.”




Twenty minutes later, they were at the front entrance, Rachel standing
on the doorstep, a permanent blush stuck on her cheeks and neck.
Santana’s hand rested on the strong mahogany door. They stared at each
other. Santana spoke first.


“I hope you enjoyed your lesson,” she smirked, tapping her fingers once.


Rachel smirked back.


“It was not what I expected,” she admitted, “Although I think I learned a lot.”


“Well obviously.”


They stared at each other again for a pregnant pause. It was Rachel this time who spoke first.


“What was E?” she asked.


“E, is for exterminated,” Santana replied. “Which is what will happen if you EVER tell anyone about this.”


Rachel nodded slowly.


“F is for FINN,” Santana continued seriously. “G, H, I, J, K is for GO GET HIM or I JUST might KICK your ass.”


Rachel bit the inside of her cheek, trying not to laugh.


“And the rest?”


Santana’s face broke into a grin.


“Guess you’ll have to come back over won’t you?” she said coyly, shutting the door in Rachel’s face.


Out of sight, the brunette let her smile take over.


“Yeah,” she said to the doorknob. “I guess I will.”

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Nicole: Lea Michele - B&W zip up topblue_icy_rose on September 8th, 2011 05:23 pm (UTC)
LOL, hoo boy, Rachel totally didn't see that one coming!

Of course, I don't think either of them will protest another lesson. Nope, not at all.
♕ Charli☆Ann;;whisper_lillies on September 9th, 2011 09:57 pm (UTC)
Well who could resist? :P