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17 September 2010 @ 03:07 pm
; Glee Vol. One Giveaway  

I just got the full season of Glee season one, and I thought since I didn't need to have the first 13 set, I would do an auction of sorts to find it a new home.

You are "bidding" on Glee Season One Volume One: Road to Sectionals. This is not the entire season. It is just the first thirteen episodes.


o1.) Poor? Live somewhere they don't sell Glee for a fair amount? You qualify for this giveaway. :)
o2.) Submit a comment saying why you want this dvd and why I should pick you to win it
o3.) Also tell me in your comment why you love Glee
04.) Please leave you zip code or equivalent of a zip code so I can calculate shipping

PLEASE NOTE: If you live somewhere where shipping this to is going to be ridiculously overpriced, it may count you out of the running. I'm sorry but I'm kind of poor too and I can't afford to pay the same price the thing cost as it would cost to give this to someone else

Winner will be picked by the most convincing argument. I'll let you know who wins on Tuesday, September 21st. Comments will be screened. Good luck!
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