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16 November 2010 @ 11:03 pm
ϟ BB#1: [FANMIX: glee] Wishmix - Shooting Stars & Wishing Wells  
Medium: TV [Glee]
Subject: Wishmix
Title: Shooting Stars & Wishing Wells
Warnings/Spoilers: I won't have time to actually get this up for download until after Black Friday but for now I have a playlist up online for you all to listen to! Sorry, but I'll fix it soon!
Notes: A wishmix is basically a mix of songs you wish they would do on a show. Here are some of mine, and the reasons why. Eleven songs + art. Made as part of the gleeverse BIG BANG




YOUR WOMAN - white town [Finn]
Now I know your heart, I know your mind
You don't even know you're bein' unkind
So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways
Just use me up and then you walk away
Boy, you can't play me that way
Well I guess what you say is true
I could never be the right kind of girl for you
I could never be your woman

I find it entirely fascinating that this is sung by a guy. I think Finn has a great voice for the song. I pretty much see this as him singing to Rachel, if he were to realize Rachel isn't the right girl for him. I envision him walking around the halls a la "Hello, I Love You" only a little bit more angry.

CONFESSIONS OF A BROKEN HEART - lindsay lohan [Quinn]
And I wear all your old clothes your polo sweater
I dream of another you, one who would never
Never, leave me alone to pick up the pieces
Daddy to hold me, that's what I needed
So,why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?

An ode to her father, naturally. Yes I know it's LiLo. I don't care. Diana could do this song brilliantly. Depressed!crying!Quinn sings this while going through family photos/pictures of Drizzlbeth/etc. It would make me cry.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER - across the universe cast [New Directions]
Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever
Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out
It doesn't matter much to me

Can our cast not sound beautiful? We know they can do Beatles, and I find this song very touching and just lovely. I would make lead vocals primarily Finn and Puck, although I would love to see it done more like "True Colors" where they all get a line or two. All of them would sing on the chorus. I can see it as an epic stage performance.

BROKEN - lindsay haun [New Directions girls/Tina lead]
Wake up to a sunny day, not a cloud up in the sky
Then it starts to rain, my defenses hit the ground
And they shatter all around, so open and exposed
I found strength in the struggle
Face to face with my trouble
When you're broken in a million little pieces
And you're trying but you can't hold on anymore
Every tear falls down for a reason
Don't you stop believing in yourself
When you're broken

This song is more along the lines of "let's band together as women and support each other through hard times" then anything else. Tina could sing it very well, but I would like all of the girls to be a part of it. It's a very beautiful and strong song.

LOVE COMES RUNNING UP THAT HILL - dj magnent [New Directions]
You, It's you and me
It's you and me, won't be unhappy
C'mon, baby, cmon darling
Let me steal this moment from you now
C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling
Lets exchange the experience, oh
And if I only could
I'd make a deal with God
And I'd get him to swap our places
Be running up that road
Be running up that hill
With no problems

In the spirit of our Glee, a mashup! Placebo vs. Pet Shop Boys vs. Kate Bush. A bunch of epicness all rolled into one. "Running Up That Hill" is one of my favorite songs in the whole world, and the way it's mixed with everything is just perfect. I have no idea how this would be performed or portrayed, but I love it and I would love to see it on Glee.

KISS FROM A ROSE - seal [New Directions boys]
There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea
You became the light on the dark side of me
Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill
But did you know,
That when it snows
My eyes become large and
The light that you shine can be seen

It's SEAL. It's a CLASSIC. I'd almost like to see it split screen, a la "My Life Would Suck Without You" where in one place we have the guys singing it, and in the other we see all the happy Glee couples slow dancing at Prom or Winter Formal or something. It would be a great last performance for an episode. Ahhhh I get giddy thinking about it haha. I think I can visualize this one the best!

99 TIMES - kate voegele [Quinn]
For every 99 times
You looked me in the eye,
You looked me in the eye
And swore you weren't lying
Well, I was so blind
I never saw the signs
I'm getting out tonight
And you're not invited

I love me some angry!Quinn. Hell, I love me some Quinn in general! I don't really care who she sings this to, but if someone betrays her as far as relationships go, she needs to sing this. I think it would have been good for her and Puck last season, but obviously they didn't do that. But I would love for Quinn to use this and be in the background kind of screaming it at boy x and just generally being angry and powerful like the HBIC she is.

WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE - bethany joy lenz & tyler hilton [Puck and Rachel]
Laughing with your pretty mouth
Laughing with your broken eyes
Laughing with your lover's tongue
In a lullaby
Where do you go when you're lonely
Where do you go when you're blue
Where do you go when you're lonely
I'll follow you
When the stars go blue
The stars go blue, stars go blue

I do not ship this couple. BUT. I want them to sing this. Puckleberry adds a little something to the show, and a conflicted Rachel singing this romantic song with Puck would not only be a great mix of drama, but a great song for my mp3 player. I had thought she and Finn could sing it as well, but I like how it sounds as though they are falling more in love as the song goes on. It's Puckleberry all the way.

I'M NOT AN ANGEL - halestorm [Santana]
Hate being that wall
That you hit when you feel like you gave it all
I keep taking the blame
When we both know that I'll never change
I tear you down
I'll make you bleed eternally
Can't help myself
From hurting you when it's hurting me
I don't have wings
So flyin with me won't be easy
Cause I'm not an angel
I'm not an angel

I needed to have something for Santana. I love Naya's voice, and I think Halestorm is the perfect band for her to sing. Halestorm is one of my top favorite bands, so I had a really hard time picking between all the songs. She could sing them all so well! Ultimately I thought this was the best song for Santana, because it sort of shows her acknowledging the fact that she's not the best person yet portrays regret. I want her to find a great guy on the show that she legit wants to be with, exclusively, and just can't. I want to see her singing this to him kind of how Quinn sang "Keep Me Hanging On" to Finn. But instead of her guy talking to Rachel, I want him talking to Brittany. That way this song could kind of go for Santana singing it to Britt too.

I'LL KEEP WAITING - s club 7 [New Directions/Artie lead]
All this love's too much to understand
Must be part of a master plan
But I wish that it was just that easy
Cos I miss the way you touch and tease me
Damn it girl why can't you see
It's not over for you and me
One day you'll see that you were wrong
Then you will realise it was true love all along

There pretty much had to be an S Club song on here. It was really hard to pick between all these songs too! I used to love all the S Club shows and like, LIVED for the band. The shows were actually kind of like Glee in the musical sense. I think any of the songs by S Club, the Glee cast could have fun with. Lead vocals on this would be Artie, since it kind of makes sense for Artie and Tina. They would just have so much fun with this, methinks.

SEPARATE WAYS - journey [New Directions]
Someday love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night will remind you
How we touched and went our separate ways
If he ever hurts you
True love won't desert you
You know I still love you
Though we touched and went our separate ways

A Journey song they haven't done???! This is my personal favorite Journey song, and since we love Journey I had to include it. I also refer to this song as "the epic training montage song", so any kind of training montage to this song would be amazing. Them singing it, practicing the dance, getting things set for Regionals/Sectionals/whatever, all that good stuff. Gonna have to say Rachel and Finn doing basic leads. Why mess with a good thing?

download coming soon!